Raven Technology
VISTA International Operations, Inc. , Reno, Nevada

Data acquisition has never been simpler or more efficient.

15 minute installation-to-data, a standardized data bus that unifies disparate sensors and systems, and universal access to people, systems, and databases. No programming, software, or additional fees. Raven RNA products are changing the rules of data acquisition, and in the process saving you up to 70% and more of the cost of traditional solutions. If you don't know about Raven RNA solutions, you need to.

Raven Technology RNA 1845A

The RNA that started it all! The 1845A (Analog) is our premier 4..20mA analog network adapter designed to provide efficiency and utility to the tens of millions of existing transmitters and sensors existing in the facilities today. Specifically designed to bolt‐on to existing sensors, the 1845a will allow these sensors to be field upgraded without plant shutdown. Our implementation design allows the end user to leverage their existing investments in hardware, spare parts, calibration tools and supplies, and knowledgebase. The 1845A is designed for new remote low IO count applications and, sensor retrofit or virtual-upgrade, applications.

Changing the Rules of Data Access

IP and web-based technologies are revolutionizing industry by delivering critical data needed to prevent downtime and improve bottom-line efficiency and performance. Raven harnesses this power delivering patented, simple solutions that allow unprecedented visibility to your processes both in and out of the control room without the penalty of panel integration, software programming, complexity, and valuable time. View important data on an Internet browser; while at the same time-sharing that data with your control system, databases, supply chain management systems and business systems. Raven offers seamless integration of important data across multiple platforms, geographic locations, and disciplines. Changing the rules…how about redrawing the landscape!

Game-Changing Innovation Saves You Time and Money

Installation to data delivery in 15 minutes

  • Data accessible on any browser-capable device
  • No disruption of process or plant downtime
  • Leverage existing investment in instrumentation, spare parts and knowledge base
  • Bridges current data gap with future functionality
  • Up to 70% lower total cost than any other alternative
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